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Certain individuals are permitted to carry guns in South Carolina under state and federal laws. However, there are exceptions and limitations to an individual’s right to carry a firearm. Someone who is caught illegally carrying a gun could face significant consequences, even if it is only their first offense.

When you are charged with a firearm offense, contact a Pickens County gun lawyer to represent you. A skilled criminal defense attorney could help you fight gun charges and protect your rights. No matter if you are facing a misdemeanor or felony gun charge, a conviction can negatively impact your life, restricting your ability to own a firearm and limiting where you can work or live. Do not hesitate to seek help from Christopher L. Jones, Attorney At Law, LLC when you are facing gun charges.

Firearm Laws in South Carolina

The South Carolina Code § 16-23-20 prohibits carrying a handgun, either concealed or in the open. There are some exceptions, and a Pickens County firearm attorney may be able to demonstrate that someone charged with a violation fits one of the exemptions. For example, the prohibition does not apply to:

  • Licensed hunters
  • Members of the military
  • Law enforcement officials
  • Those who sell or repair guns
  • Certain members of civic organizations
  • Anyone who has a concealed carry permit
  • Someone who is using the weapon in their own home or business
  • A person in the home of another person who is authorized to possess a weapon
  • When operating a vehicle so long as the firearm is in a closed container, such as the trunk

Aside from these exceptions, it is unlawful to carry a gun even when the weapon was purchased lawfully. Be sure to review South Carolina’s gun laws to ensure you have the proper authorization to carry.

Under South Carolina Code § 16-23-30, certain individuals are prohibited from owning guns in South Carolina. This includes someone convicted of a violent crime, fugitives, those addicted to drugs or alcohol, people deemed mentally incompetent, and anyone under the age of 18. When a prohibited individual is charged with the possession of a firearm or when someone is convicted of selling or delivering a handgun to a prohibited individual, it is a felony offense. It is also unlawful to buy, sell, transport, or possess “ghost guns,” handguns that are stolen or missing a serial number.

Penalties for Gun Violations

Most gun law violations are charged as felonies. Gun offenses can also have heightened penalties if the gun is used while committing another crime.

Someone charged with a misdemeanor violation of the prohibition against carrying could be sentenced to up to one year in prison and forced to pay a fine of up to one thousand dollars. The penalties associated with felony firearm offenses are much more severe: those convicted could face five years in prison and fines of up to two thousand dollars. To gain a better understanding of these penalties and potential defenses, speak with a gun attorney in Pickens County.

Hire a Pickens County Gun Attorney Today

While you have a right to bear arms, there are limitations to the rights of gun owners. The South Carolina legislature enacted gun laws to protect people and limit gun violence. Carrying a gun in violation of these laws is a crime, even if you lawfully purchased the weapon.

State and federal prosecutors treat gun charges seriously, and you should not attempt to fight gun charges alone. Hire an experienced Pickens County gun lawyer to represent you. As a former prosecutor and municipal judge himself, Christopher L. Jones, Attorney At Law, LLC is familiar with South Carolina’s gun laws and the restrictions that apply to gun owners in the state. Protect your rights when you are charged with a firearm offense. Call today to learn more about how an attorney could assist you.

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