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Police stings for prostitution and other sex-related crimes occur regularly across Pickens County. Law enforcement uses cell phones, the internet, and even local newspapers to lure and arrest suspects. Citizens with no prior criminal history are often charged with prostitution simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When you face prostitution-related charges, a Pickens County prostitution lawyer could mount an aggressive defense on your behalf. At Christopher L. Jones, Attorney at Law, our seasoned criminal defense attorney understands how state prosecutors approach these cases and could use that knowledge to support your case.

Defining Prostitution Under State Law

The South Carolina Code of Laws § 16-15-90 prohibits attempting, engaging in, knowingly facilitating, or soliciting prostitution. You could be convicted if you take any of the following actions:

  • Engage in prostitution, or aid or abet prostitution, or procure or solicit prostitution
  • Exposing a private area of the body indecently for the purposes of prostitution
  • Reside in or enter any building or vehicle for the purpose of lewdness or prostitution
  • Keep or set up a brothel
  • Receiving others or allowing them to remain in a place for prostitution or in a vehicle in which someone is engaging in prostitution
  • Permit anyone to remain for the purpose of lewdness or prostitution in a vehicle or building
  • Transporting, offering, or agreeing to transport other people while reasonably believing prostitution may occur at the destination
  • Renting or leasing a place or vehicle with reasonable cause to believe it will be used for prostitution

Determining what constitutes ‘transporting’ or ‘place for prostitution’ is often challenging, as you can be charged even if you do not complete a sex act.

However, unless a law enforcement officer or another person witnessed the entire offense, proving that you engaged in prostitution can be difficult. A seasoned Pickens County prostitution attorney could help you discern if your actions constitute a prostitution-related charge.

Criminal Sanctions for a Prostitution Conviction in Pickens County

Conviction of prostitution results in severe charges. Under the South Carolina Code of Laws § 16-15-110, a first-time offender could receive jail time for up to 30 days and be required to pay a fine of up to $200. Second violations carry possible jail terms of up to six months and fines of $1000. A third or subsequent conviction carries even stiffer penalties, with a minimum of one year in jail and up to $3000 in fines.

When you face prostitution-related charges, consult a practiced prostitution lawyer in Pickens County as soon after your arrest as possible.

The Impact of a Conviction for Prostitution

When you are found guilty of engaging in prostitution, consequences often exceed fines and jail time. A conviction could remain on your criminal record indefinitely. If prospective employers, landlords, or school administrators conduct a background check, you could be denied a job, housing, or admission into college or graduate school.

It is imperative that you consult a capable lawyer who could aggressively defend your freedom, livelihood, and reputation.

Seek Help From a Respected Pickens County Prostitution Attorney

A conviction for prostitution will jeopardize your future and your family. Even if you do not serve time in jail, the damage to your career and standing in the community could be irreparable.

When you face prostitution charges, a knowledgeable Pickens County prostitution lawyer could work tirelessly to defend you. Our firm’s experienced attorney, Christopher L. Jones, understands the state’s prostitution laws and knows how to work within the legal system to ensure the most favorable outcome in your case. Call us today so we can begin working on your case.

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