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Accusations involving sex crimes can be devastating to your reputation, your way of life, and your freedom. If convicted, you could face a lengthy prison term and required registration with the South Carolina Sex Offender Registry.

As soon as you suspect you are under investigation, reach out to a Greenville sex crimes lawyer. At Christopher L. Jones, Attorney at Law, we understand the gravity of these charges and will work hard to defend your rights.

Types of Sex Crimes in Greenville

Sex crimes can encompass a wide variety of offenses. Examples of criminal sexual conduct in South Carolina include:

  • Criminal sexual conduct 1st degree
  • Criminal sexual conduct 2nd degree
  • Criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree
  • Criminal sexual conduct with a minor 1st degree
  • Criminal sexual conduct with a minor 2nd degree
  • Criminal sexual conduct with a minor 3rd degree
  • Indecent exposure
  • Solicitation of a minor
  • Sexual exploitation of a minor 1st degree
  • Sexual exploitation of a minor 2nd degree
  • Sexual exploitation of a minor 3rd degree
  • Incest

Criminal sexual conduct charges range in severity, but most are felonies. An individual could face years in prison, with sentences being even more severe when the case involves children. Anyone facing charges of this nature is well-advised to consult with a local sex crimes attorney to get started on their defense as soon as possible.

Possible Defenses to Sex Crimes

There are a number of defense strategies that could apply to a given sex crimes case. After meeting with a defendant and reviewing the prosecution’s evidence against them, a seasoned Greenville attorney could work to develop a tailored defense.

Creating Reasonable Doubt

One defense strategy is to create reasonable doubt in the jurors’ minds that a sexual assault actually occurred. Because this strategy involves casting doubt on the credibility of the complainant’s story, it requires a skilled attorney who proceeds with a sensitive and thoughtful approach.

Mistaken Identification

Another defense strategy is to argue that the defendant was not the guilty party in the alleged sex crimes case. This strategy is particularly effective in cases involving a sexual assault or rape by a stranger. A defense attorney could cast doubt on the credibility of the witnesses that identified the defendant and the process by which that identification occurred. A lawyer could review the evidence and attack the lineup, photographic identification, or other type of evidence.

Similarly, a Greenville sex crimes attorney could look into the DNA and other scientific evidence to see if there were any procedural flaws in the collection or handling of those sensitive materials.


Another commonly employed defense strategy involves consent. A lawyer with extensive courtroom experience could cross-examine an alleged victim and advocate on behalf of a defendant that the alleged sexual assault was, in fact, a consensual sexual act. It is critical that a defendant gets in touch with a local attorney as soon as possible to begin building the right defense strategy.

Work with a Greenville Sex Crimes Attorney

A sex crimes conviction could have a damaging effect on the rest of your life. Even if you avoid jail time, your personal life and reputation could still be on the line.

At the first hint that you are under investigation or facing charges relating to a sex crime, you need to obtain a skilled legal representative. It is crucial that you work with a Greenville sex crimes lawyer who is prepared to investigate and aggressively defend you at every step of the way with the goal of getting the charges against you dismissed or obtaining you an acquittal at trial. Schedule your free case consultation with Christopher L. Jones, Attorney at Law, today.

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