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Criminal conspiracy charges are not something to be taken lightly. If convicted of conspiracy, you could face extensive criminal penalties, including hefty fines and lengthy jail terms. One of the scariest parts of a conspiracy case is that you could face criminal charges even if no actual crime occurred.

If you face conspiracy charges, it is critical that you work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who thoroughly understands the law. A Greenville conspiracy lawyer could advise you of your legal rights and help you protect your money, freedom, and reputation.

What is Conspiracy?

Criminal conspiracy is an agreement between at least two people to work together to commit a crime at some point in the future. To convict someone on conspiracy charges, prosecutors would need to prove the three elements of a conspiracy:

  • The defendant joined up and made a plan with one or more other people
  • The purpose of the plan was to do something unlawful
  • The defendant joined the agreement willfully and with knowledge of the intended unlawful purpose

Even if the defendant’s conduct was technically legal, they could face conspiracy charges if that otherwise lawful conduct was in furtherance of the unlawful conspiracy. Similarly, even if the defendant was just a minor participant in the conspiracy, they could be held accountable for the actions of their co-conspirators. A skilled attorney could use their knowledge of the local law and experience with other conspiracy cases to break down and cast doubt on the elements of the prosecution’s case.

Common Situations Where Conspiracy Charges Might Arise

Unless a crime has not yet happened, defendants almost always face conspiracy charges in addition to other criminal charges. Frequently, conspiracy charges are tacked onto drug offenses, such as drug trafficking, manufacturing, or possession with intent to distribute. Assault and battery charges can also involve conspiracies. Conspiracy charges also often accompany burglary, robbery, and theft offenses. White-collar business crimes, such as money laundering and identity theft, also frequently involve conspiracies.

The penalties that a defendant faces for conspiracy depend on the nature and severity of the underlying offense that the parties allegedly planned to commit. It is crucial for anyone facing conspiracy charges to work with a knowledgeable Greenville attorney who could help them understand the potential penalties they face and work to mitigate these outcomes.

Possible Defenses to Conspiracy in Greenville

A conspiracy attorney could work with a defendant to prepare a tailored defense based on the unique facts of their case. Some of the possible defenses to conspiracy include establishing that:

  • The defendant did not have a real relationship with their alleged co-conspirators
  • The defendant did not know that the co-conspirators planned to commit a crime
  • The defendant convinced their co-conspirators to stop before committing the crime
  • The prosecution’s witnesses are unreliable or that their testimony was coerced or forced
  • The police unlawfully obtained evidence

By presenting a robust defense in court, a defendant can increase their chances of getting their charges reduced or even dropped.

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Conspiracy charges are complex and not always easy to understand, so it is critical that you obtain skilled legal representation as soon as you can in the legal process. A committed Greenville conspiracy lawyer could thoroughly examine and investigate every aspect of the case against you and work hard to construct a strong defense on your behalf.

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