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Robbery is a type of theft that involves interaction between the robber and the alleged victim. Robbery is a felony, so you will face years in prison if convicted. Seeking help from an aggressive theft attorney is crucial for your defense case.

When you are a suspect in a crime, you can inadvertently harm your case by neglecting to seek legal representation immediately. Police can trap you into saying things that may provide ammunition for prosecutors and weaken your defense. Contact a Pickens County robbery lawyer as soon as you are accused of robbery.

Defining Robbery in Pickens County

There are several different types of robbery charges. However, all robbery charges involve using violence or the threat of violence to take property from another individual.

Common Law Robbery

Common law robbery is often called “strong-arm robbery.” Someone commits strong-arm robbery when they take property by threat or force but without a weapon. Strong-arm robbery is a felony with a maximum prison sentence of 15 years.

Armed Robbery

South Carolina Code of Laws § 16-11-330 defines armed robbery as taking property while carrying a weapon, even if you did not disclose the weapon’s presence to the alleged victim. Conversely, you could be charged with armed robbery if you did not have a weapon but led the alleged victim to believe you did. Any object that could physically harm someone is considered a weapon under this statute.

Armed robbery is a severe felony, and upon conviction, you could face a minimum sentence of ten years in prison and a maximum sentence of 30 years. An offender must serve at least seven years before becoming eligible for parole.

Defenses to Robbery Charges

Each situation has unique characteristics and requires a case-by-case defense strategy. A proactive Pickens County robbery attorney could closely examine the prosecutor’s evidence, listen to your explanations, conduct a thorough investigation, and formulate an effective defense tailored to your circumstances.

Witness identification is sometimes faulty, and a defense might assert mistaken identity or alibi in an appropriate case. If there was no physical confrontation, we could argue that the alleged victim was mistaken if they perceived a threat.

Improper police conduct could also offer opportunities to reduce or dismiss a charge. When the police infringe on your civil liberties and rights, the judge might suppress evidence the police obtained through improper means.

Consequences of a Robbery Conviction

All robbery crimes are considered violent felonies. You will face criminal punishment, including a prison sentence, if you are convicted of robbery. Consequences will also linger even after you complete your sentence.

When convicted, you lose many rights, like voting and owning a gun. You may also have difficulty accessing government benefits such as public housing. Certain professions are unavailable if you have a felony conviction, and a criminal record could impact your job, credit, and educational opportunities.

An experienced robbery lawyer in Pickens County could work diligently to help you avoid the devastating effects of a criminal conviction. At Christopher L. Jones, Attorney at Law, we could help you seek an expungement, pardon, or restoration of your rights.

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Robbery is a serious felony charge with severe consequences. You deserve an attorney with experience as a former prosecutor, like Christopher L. Jones, to craft the most effective defense possible. Our firm’s Pickens County robbery lawyer will fight to preserve your freedom. Call today to set up a consultation.

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