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When you are arrested for armed robbery, your future could depend on the quality of your legal representation. Armed robbery is the most severe theft charge under state law, and a conviction could lead to a decades-long prison sentence.

Fortunately, a Greenville armed robbery lawyer knows how to build a solid defense on your behalf. Your skilled robbery attorney could argue an appropriate defense, introduce mitigating circumstances to reduce the charges, or negotiate a plea bargain. Christopher L. Jones is dedicated to preserving your rights and ensuring your story is heard.

What Is Armed Robbery?

State law identifies different types of theft charges and assigns each type a unique set of penalties. Larceny is taking another person’s money or other valuable property without their consent. A larceny charge becomes robbery when the allegations involve someone using force, violent means, or intimidation.

Armed robbery is robbery committed with a deadly weapon. This charge is a Class A felony with a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison and a maximum sentence of 30 years upon conviction. According to South Carolina Code § 16-11-330, someone can also be charged with armed robbery for telling the alleged victim they have a deadly weapon in their possession.

What Counts as a Deadly Weapon?

Many people think only guns and knives count as deadly weapons, but anything that could seriously injure or kill someone is considered a deadly weapon under state law. For example, a suspect who picks up a fireplace poker while in another person’s home could face armed robbery charges. Lesser charges that may have otherwise been misdemeanors can escalate to felony armed robbery once the allegations involve a weapon. Anyone facing armed robbery charges should meet with a knowledgeable Greenville attorney as soon as possible after their arrest to start building a defense.

Possible Defenses to Armed Robbery Charges

Anyone accused of a crime has a constitutional right to defend themselves against those charges. Defendants also have a constitutional right to legal representation. To refute the prosecutor’s charges, an attorney could assess the validity of evidence and circumstances of an arrest to build the strongest possible defense. Possible defenses to armed robbery include:

  • No evidence of intent
  • The defendant owns the stolen property
  • The arrest was based on an illegal search and seizure
  • The defendant has a valid alibi
  • Evidence is based on mistaken identity by a witness

An attorney could also present evidence that there was coercion and someone threatened or intimidated the defendant into committing the armed robbery. Whether the accused is a minor or this is the first time being charged with a criminal offense could also reduce the penalties they may face.

In any criminal case, a jury decides the final verdict. The prosecutor must meet a high bar to prove an accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and the jury must believe the defendant intentionally committed armed robbery. A seasoned Greenville armed robbery attorney could advocate for fairness, from refuting false charges to showing an entire picture to the jury.

A Greenville Armed Robbery Attorney Protects Your Rights

Everyone has the right to capable legal representation. Your attorney works to ensure police procedures do not violate your rights and build a defense that could lead to a lighter sentence.

If you are arrested or sought on a criminal charge, act now and call a Greenville armed robbery lawyer. Christopher L. Jones has experience successfully handling criminal cases and could fight for a favorable outcome.

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